Get Ready
To Defend.


Three Korean-American kids, Sarah, Hector, and Tim, visits Aunt Alice's house during vacation.


But until then, they discovers a superhero civil team called DEFENDERS, and decides to help protect their parents from the evil plan which attempts to take over the world.




She is a very heartwarming and optimistic aunt and wife towards her husband, nephew, and niece, as well as a very powerful housewife. Alice’s idealistic thoughts sometimes gets her into trouble, and she doesn’t like it. She loves to have a united, peaceful world, and she devotes her strength for it.


Justin can't live without caffeine, since it’s his power source. If he doesn’t have a drop of it, he goes straight to sleep. That’s why he’s called as a ‘sleeping mister’ by his family. But there’s one thing that even sleep can’t make him stop. This makes him worth to live in his boring cycle of an employee.


She is usually quiet in school and at home. But on the inside she loves her brothers, her family, and her friends. She cares about them, but she doesn't express it much. As of this, some people even recognize her as an 'icy' person although she isn't.


With lots of hobbies around him, Hector loves to try new things whenever he gets an opportunity with a strong curiosity. He has talent in sports, especially archery and shooting (oh, let's not forget baseball). He is also a caring but sensitive brother who tries to keep his family - especially Tim - safe from any danger.


Tim is an energetic and positive eight-year-old kid, who has a lot of imagination and curiosity inside his head. He always wants to become his favorite hero, Superman - so he could fly through the world and save those who need help.




  • Alice Sanders : Character Concept Sheet

    Created by Jessie Yun.

  • DEFENDERS : Official Poster

    Designed by Jessie Yun.

  • DEFENDERS : It's Showtime Title Banner

    Designed by Jessie Yun.

  • Ned and MIGHTY

    Created by Jessie Yun

  • DEFENDERS : Model Drawings

    Designed by Jessie Yun

  • "It's Showtime" Animatic Excerpt #1

    Created by Jessie Yun

  • Justin Sanders : Character Concept Sheet

    Created by Jessie Yun.

  • DEFENDERS : Model Drawings #B

    Designed by Jessie Yun

  • Random Sketch : DEFENDERS

    Created by Jessie Yun

  • Alice Character Model Sheet

    Created by Jessie Yun

  • First DEFENDERS Poster

    Created by Jessie Yun

  • "It's Showtime" Animatic Excerpt #1

    Created by Jessie Yun

  • FAQ

    When will the first episode be released?


    We are now currently working on the teaser episode, "It's Showtime", and it's now planning to be released during mid to late August. The first episode has not been animated yet, and we are still looking for additional animators.


    Can I somehow join this team?

    Of course! We are now currently looking for enthusiastic artists and animators. If you are a writer, voice actor, composer, or in any other positions, please take a look at the bottom of our crew members page to see if there's any positions available for you. In the meantime, if you are a background artist or a traditional 2D animator who's interested to join our team, perfect! We would be more than happy to connect with you.

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