DEADLINE : June 19th, 2018, 12:00 AM (KST)

IMPORTANT : Please make sure to have the audio quality as best as possible. That's the FIRST option we will be looking at in the first round!



While writing email, please make this as a title:

DEFENDERS - Audition Recording (Name)

Please make sure to let us know what character(s) you're auditioning for in the message.


Greetings, dear fellow voice actor!

My name is Jessie Yun, the director and founder of TGA Animations. I'm currently in development of the new animated series, called DEFENDERS. It's about a family hero trying to save their own family from a big threat and danger.

Official website :

We're now casting few main characters and minor ones for our series, here are the list and their explanations.


MAIN CHARACTERS (These characters will be in most/every episodes.)

- Protagonists -

Julie Sanders (40, Female) Actor : From the chosen candidates (personally emailed them) - As a big sister of Justin, she is a loving and caring mother of three kids, Sarah, Hector and Tim. She goes to business trip with her husband to Korea, while Alice, her brother's wife, takes care of her kids.

Justin Sanders (30, Male) Actor : Justin Doyle - With a strong confidence in his work, he is a determined programmer and an engineer. He works all night and sleeps all day, so in the family's eyes he is recognized as a 'sleeping beauty'. But he always tries to kick out his 'sleep monster' by drinking lots of caffeine.

Tim (7-10, Male) Actor : Liory - He is an energetic and positive kid, who has a lot of imagination and curiosity inside his head. He always wants to become his favorite hero, Superman - so he could fly through the world and save those who need help.

- Antagonist(s) -

Ned Haynes (40, Male) Actor : Cris King - As a CEO of MIGHTYBODY CORP, he invents a robot suit, M23 to improve his own body and sell it worldwide, actually controlling it to achieve his goal to destroy his enemy. On the inside, he is a mean-spirited scientist, who is driven by hatred. He is from a bad family.

MINOR CHARACTERS (These characters are likely to appear only on the pilot episode.)

Newscaster (30-49, Male or Female) Actor : Chris Rosewood - A newscaster/host of 'Tech Way', a technology news radio channel.

Here are the audition scripts for each character:






If you're willing to join in, please send the audition recording as well as your demo reel to:

[email protected]

When your audition was successfully submitted including the conditions and instructions above, you will receive a confirmation email.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you all soon! We wish you best of luck.

Best regards,
Jessie Yun
From TGA Animations


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